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Dressage Stallions


Breed: Swedish Warmblood

AMIRAL - ELITE stallion. One of the best breeding stallions ever! We are very happy to be able to offer this outstanding sire through extremely powerful frozen, taken during his most fertile years.

AMIRAL had the highest dressage score ever at the Flyinge Stallion Classification tests when he was 4,5 years old. He was given the maximum 10 for walk, trot, canter and temperament! In March 1995 he made his debut with Kyra Kyrklund and went from victory to victory with wins and top placings in Scandinavia and Germany. As a result he became the highest ranking dressage stallion in the World Breeding Ranking 1995. Kyra and AMIRAL achieved this in only 6 months - all the others had a full year!

In 1996 the pair represented Finland in Atlanta. A bad eye injury spoiled their chances for a medal, but they still did very well. On the way to the World Cup Comp's in Helsinki, a travelling companion took a bite out of his neck so, again bad luck! However, in 1997 Kyra and AMIRAL had a very good year internationally: 1st GP Kur at the Hamburg Derby, 1st GP and GP Kur in Copenhagen, 1st GP Helsinki, 5th GP Kur in Aachen and 5th at the World Cup final in s'Hertogenbosch. AMIRAL was then 3rd on the ranking list for Breeding Stallions, with only Weyden and Donnerhall above him!

AMIRAL is the son of the Elite-Sire, Flyinge Napoleon, that sired so many excellent horses (ranked 7th 1997 on the WBFSH annual list), amongst them the full brother, Bombay 898, successfully competing with Pernilla André and part of the Swedish National Team. The Dam is the Elite-mare, Flamkella 11553 by Flyinge Flamingo (Olympic stallion with, "The Grand Dame of Dressage in Sweden" , Ulla Hakansson). Flamkella has had an outstanding brood mare career, with 18 perfect foals out of 19 possible.

AMIRAL's progeny have excelled in Dressage, as well as in Show Jumping and Driving. Many have been exported and are competing very successfully in Europe and the USA. AMIRAL also represented Sweden at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and placed best of the Swedish horses. The Swedish born Amando 11 (AMIRAL 764 -Erbella 16733 by Indus 530) placed 9th in the 2002 World Cup finals, with Gina Capellmann-Lütkemeier, Germany. They can be enjoyed on our stallion video.

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Born: 1985 ⋅ Colour: Chestnut ⋅ Size 166cm

Sire Dam  
Napoleon 625 Iran 533 Chagall 455
Irja 7508
Josephine 8620 Juan 370
Diana 5883
Flamkella 11553 Flamingo 481 Urbino 430
Joviala 6721
Lankella 8714 Lansiär 377
Onkella 5661



Breed: German Warmblood, approved in Oldenburg, KWPN, Sweden, Australia

At the stallion classification in Neustadt-Dosse, Germany 1996, D-Day was the top dressage stallion. He had as many as five 10's in his protocol! Rideability and Temperament both scored 10. D-Day is sired by the Donnerhall son Donnerschwee, that in 1992 was the most expensive ($220,000) horse to be sold at the elite auction in Vechta, Germany.

Two full brothers, Deutsche Order and Dr Lobo also sold for record breaking sums. The Dam, Rudira by Welt As, has indeed a world famous dressage offspring in Bonfire, that needs no further introduction!

All the six finalists at the Swedish 1999 "Foal of the Year" were sired by D-Day! Out of his first Swedish 3-year olds 2001, 14 received Dressage Diploma and 3 Showjumping Diploma. 53% received Class I !! His daughter, Synovia, won the 3, 4 & 6 y.o classes! (2nd in the 5 y.o).

The D-Day progeny are consistently of outstanding quality with fantastic movements, wonderful temperament and all the expression and presence needed for international competition. By the way, Eric Lette, the former FEI "Dressage Chief" and presently Swedish national dressage coach now has a wonderful son, B-Day, by D-Day, showing great promise for the future.

All breeders of D-Day foals are extremely impressed with the top class progeny he produces - and keep coming back for more.

Semen Fee: $1,200 per full dose


Born: 1992 ⋅ Colour: Grey ⋅ Size 167cm

Sire Dam  
St.Pr.H Donnerschwee 330651488 Donnerhall 330887081 Donnerwetter
St.Pr.St Weltwunder H330079582 St.Pr.H Freiherr
Rudira H330110982 St.Pr.H Welt As 330072077 St.Pr.H Weltmeister
St.Pr.St Elfene
Rudore 2 H330095976 St.Pr.H Goldpilz



Breed: German Warmblood, approved Trakehner, Hannover, Oldenburgh, Rheinland, Westfalen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Sweden, France, Switzerland

HOHENSTEIN was Reserve Champion at the 1994 Stallion Classifications in Adelheidsdorf and Winner in Rideability! He was the Trakhener Riding horse Champion in 1995. He also placed 3rd at the Bundeschampionat.

From his first progeny came the 1997 Champion Stallion, Münchhausen (350,000 DM)

At the age of 7 HOHENSTEIN won his first S-Class Dressage competition.

In 1999 he was given ELITE Stallion status.

In 2002 HOHENSTEIN was 'Stallion of the Year' and his son, His Highness was the winning Stallion at Verden (EUR 515,000).

His son, Insterburg placed 3rd at the 2005 World Championship fo Young Dressage Horses at Verden.

Semen Fee: $1,850 for each full dose


Born: 1991 ⋅ Colour: Black ⋅ Size 168cm

Sire Dam  
E.H. Caprimond Karon E.H. Arogno
St.Pr.St. Capri VI E.H Mackensen
Pr.St. Coeur-As
Helena XIV Matador Donauwind
Pr.St. Maritza
Pr.St. Harpune II Grimsel



Breed: German Warmblood, approved in Hannover, Holstein, Oldenburg, Westfalen, KWPN, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, U.K

RAGAZZO - the stallion you can't fault! A beautiful Power Pack. Wonderful to ride. Radiant with energy and so much charisma. Strong hind-quarters, huge relaxed walk, uphill super canter and the best extended trot in the business. RAGAZZO won a superior win at the 1994 Stallion Classification tests in Neustadt-Dosse, Germany. He is probably the only Stallion that has received as many as six 10's in his protocol! Directly following his Classifications, he spent five years breeding for as much as $2,000,000!

RAGAZZO'S progeny are consistently sold at very high prices. His son, Rubidoux, was the winning stallion at Rhineland/Pfalz '99, his daughter, Rosenstolz, won the Mare Classifications at Baden-Württemberg 2001 and his daughter, Retelka, reserve champion at Rhineland/Pfalz. His son, Rossini Grande placed 3rd at the Verden Young Horse World Championships 2001. Three out of eight finalists at the Danish Breeders Championships were sired by Ragazzo.

At the ELITE auction in Verden a 4 y.o. daughter, Rayana Chiara sold for EUR 92,000! His son, Uno Ragazzo, won the 6 y.o. Young Dressage Horse final in Belgium with 82%.

RAGAZZO has presently over 90 offspring competing internationally, most of them in S-Class - both in Dressage and in Showjumping. RAGAZZO has so far had many wins and placed up to Intermediare I and is now educated up to Grand Prix. 1996 he became "Champion of the Future" at the German Stallion Championships.

His Sire, Raphael is one of the best known sons of Ramiro Z. His Dam, Pirola is a full sister to Pik Bube I and II and is also the Dam of Donnerschlag (exp. USA), by Donnerhall. RAGAZZO is simply a magnificent and a true 'ragazzo' ('boy' in Italian). He is a horse with outstanding temperament and a most positive approach to everything he is asked to do. Something he consistently hands down to his superb looking progeny.

RAGAZZO is yet another top class Stallion from the famous Pape family, breeders of the Pik Bubes, Pirola, Donnerklang, Bergamon, Primavera, Parodie and many others.

Semen Fee: $1,200 per full dose


Born: 1990 ⋅ Colour: Dark Bay ⋅ Size 169cm

Sire Dam  
Raphael 410117079 Ramiro 410174565 Raimond
Valine Z
Annekatrin H412064670 Abhang I
Pirola H314614978 Pik König 310418768 Pik As xx
Franka H316938266 Frustra II

Some of the foals in Oz, by Ragazzo 998

Foals by Ragazzo: 1 Foals by Ragazzo: 2 Foals by Ragazzo: 3 Foals by Ragazzo: 4



Breed: German Warmblood, approved Hannover, Oldenburg, Rheinland, Westfalen, Denmark, Sweden

ROSENTANZ was the Winner and Premium Stallion at the 2003 Verden Classifications. He is expressive, extravagant and truly modern in his type. His movements are nothing short of dynamic.

He actually also has much above average Showjumping talent.

His sire Rohdiamant was the winner of the 1992 Oldenburg Classifications and the Ride-ability winner with 150.01 points!!

ROSENTANZ has Sao Paolo as Grand sire, who has sired a number of very successful Dressage and Showjumping horses - the most famous is perhaps Isabell Werth's Satchmo (Team Gold at Hickstead! and Team Gold and Individual Gold at WEG, Aachen)

The Dam, Sabrina, was outstanding overall at her Mare Classification and is selected for the special Hannoverian Showjumping breeding program.

ROSENTANZ is the winner of the 'Riding Horse' tests and has qualified for the Bundeschampionat. At his 30-day test at Münster-Hahndorf he scored 9.25 for Ride-ability!

ROSENTANZ has consistently won or placed very high in his first season.

Semen Fee: $1,450 for each full dose


Born: 2001 ⋅ Colour: Dark Brown ⋅ Size 170cm

Sire Dam  
Rohdiamant Rubinstein I Rosenkavalier
Elektia V Inschalla AA
St.Pr.St. Elektia
Sabrina Sao Paulo Sandro
Fernlady Feingau



Breed: German Warmblood, approved Hannover, Oldenburg, Rheinland, Westfalen, Denmark, Sweden

WOLKENTANZ II, a stallion of highest quality in Type, Conformation, Dynamics, Expression, Charisma and Ride-ability!

He twice scored the magic 10 for Ride-ability.

WOLKENTANZ II has competed very successfully. He was twice in Bundeschampionat Finals, competed in the Young Horse World Championships, scored 9.6 in the Dressage Horse Tests at Lingen and has since placed consistently high at Prix St. George and Inter I.

The quality of his offspring shows in the top prices they fetch at the Verden and Vechta auctions.

WOLKENTANZ II has 20 Premium mare offspring - including Brilliant ring mares - and so far 12 approved sons, with 3 Premium Stallions. He consistently gives Riding Horse Champions, Bundeschampionat competitors, Top horses for the auctions and Stallion Classification winners.

Semen Fee: $1,450 for each full dose


Born: 1995 ⋅ Colour: Chestnut ⋅ Size 172cm

Sire Dam  
Weltmeyer World Cup I Wörmannn
St.Pr.St Anka Absatz
Lovely Ludendorff Lugano I
Artige Aristides

Showjumping stallions



Breed: German Warmblood, approved in Holstein, Oldenburg, Westfalen, Rheinland

It's especially fortunate to have this superbly bred young Holsteiner stallion available to Australian breeders.

His pedigree is saturated with famous Showjumping stallions: Lord, Alme Z, Capitol, Cor de la Bryère, Gotthard and also the direct Dam line from Landadel.

The Great Grand Dam Novella is also the Dam of Landadel, who has already written Showjumping history with more than 60 approved sons all over the world.

LUXIUS' sire, Lux Z, competed at the Sydney Olympics and the list of top performance horses goes on and on.

In 2005 LUXIUS won the Oldenburg Classification for Showjumping horses and was the overall Reserve Champion.

Semen Fee: $1,450 per full dose


Born: 2001 ⋅ Colour: Brown ⋅ Size 170cm

Sire Dam  
Lux Z Lord Calando Lord
Z-Apocalypte Ahorn Z
Lea III Acobat II Athlet Z
Elba I Alasca